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SI Trading
The Sourcing Specialists

From semiconductors to medical protective equipment, what do you do when key components for your business operations or production are missing? You turn to SI Trading. We specialize in the procurement of critical goods and deliver quickly, fairly and reliably. So that you can keep the world running.

Protection through warranty services

Certificates of authenticity

Flexible payment

Reliable sourcing in uncertain times

In many industries, supply shortages are not uncommon these days. We continue to supply you with stock items. Simply let us know what you are looking for.


Electronic components


Charging infrastructure for e-mobility


Medical equipment


Logistic services

What we do for you

Many industries all over the world are battling supply chain bottlenecks. However, we are still able to provide the goods, components, and preliminary products you need. Simply get in touch and let us know what it is.


Our greatest strength lies in procuring products that are difficult to obtain in congested markets and delivering them quickly. You benefit from our global network, fast communication and decision-making, and quick reaction to market changes. We select our manufacturers and suppliers according to the highest quality criteria, which ensures trusted cooperation between all parties.


We are even able to deliver goods you thought unattainable to a location of your choice within the shortest possible time. Fast, safe, on time. Count on either the standardized or tailored logistics services we provide by working closely with the world's largest forwarding companies. Most importantly for you are the years of experiences in international logistics that our team draws on.


Optimizing your goods procurement for the long-term is our passion. We advise you and offer standardized goods procurement systems for your company – especially useful for navigating bottlenecked markets.

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Career at SI Trading

We are looking for people like you who want to revolutionize the world of sourcing with us. Are you always on the ball, a strong negotiator, and enthusiastic? Get in touch today.

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