Worldwide sourcing 

Semiconductors, protective equipment, or rare earths: Our specialists, together with our international network, source the  goods and products that are extremely difficult to obtain. We procure them quickly, reliably and in certified quality.

Our divisions

We specialize in sourcing in congested markets and are constantly expanding our activities.



Through manufacturer-independent procurement of electronic components and devices, we safeguard the supply chain and production for our customers. Whether you are dealing in semiconductors, integrated circuits, or electromechanical parts, our acquisition of two independent distributors means we can react quickly to the market.


Construction materials and components

We jump-start stalled construction projects! Our global sourcing team procures everything you need – from building materials such as wood and steel to finished elements like doors or window hardware.



During one of the world's most widespread pandemics, si medical has distinguished itself as a reliable partner for hospitals, care facilities, public institutions, and industrial fields. In addition to personal protective equipment, it has also been able to establish reliable supply chains for medical devices. 


Logistic Services 

Markets are growing ever closer together. This makes it all the more important to optimize logistical processes in procurement and distribution. Oversized and heavy cargo, special transports, long-term distribution plans, or temperature-controlled deliveries – we are there for you!


Food and beverage

In tropical climates, you can drink coconut milk from a coconut straight off the tree. We bring this unique delicacy to Europe's supermarkets and restaurants.